Gabriel Currington and The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra will be joining an array of international musical artists at Fairfield Hall in Croydon on Friday 25th April 2014 at 7.30pm to celebrate the unheard ocean music of whales and dolphins around the world.

'Singing the Oceans Alive' will combine many genres of music with the majestic sound of one of the world's greatest orchestras in this spectacular three hour performance.

Sync Music's Gabriel Currington is Musical Director for the event.

The guest stars will perform original compositions which incorporate distinctive calls and sounds of various cetacean species. With the aid of projected big screen images of the ocean the concert will be a fully immersive experience for the audience.

The guests include:

  • Sync Music's Gabriel Currington
  • Vocalist and song-writer, Lucinda Drayton
  • African fusion performers, The Ganda Boys
  • Tibetan Grammy-nominee flautist, Nawang Khechog
  • French Armenian composer and Duduk player, Levon Minassian
  • Composer and platinum record producer, Craig Pruess
  • Award-winning pianist Karim Said
  • Composer, producer and world-renowned multi-instrumentalist, Premik Tubbs
  • Celebrated British award-winning composer specialising in flute and ancient wind instruments, Tim Wheater
  • American singer/songwriter, Kristin Hoffmann

Proceeds from the event will go to the newly founded charity, Save Earth's Oceans, Inc. - a global non-profit organisation dedicated to help clean up the beaches and oceans worldwide and raise awareness of the potential we have to alter the course of our destruction of the environment.

Many organisations highlighting this issue focus primarily on the suffering. SEOI's intention is to focus on the beauty and the majesty of these endangered populations, while celebrating another endangered species: the arts.

Patricia Cori, CEO of Save Earth's Oceans Inc., who will be hosting the event, said,

"We are uniting the music of the human spirit with the song of the oceans to celebrate the immense beauty and majesty of some of Earth's most magnificent representatives of our animal kingdom. This is the first of several live concerts and global events planned to help us raise the funds we need to study and research the potential breakthrough in communication with the Cetaceans. At SEOI we are particularly interested in raising awareness with children who are the future caretakers of the planet."

In 2014, SEOI also plans to implement research into solutions to the plastic crisis facing the oceans, and begin planning for their Children's Sea Ambassadors Innovation Conference, to be held 2015.

For more info on the event click here.

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